Streamline your message to your target audience

With a full range of products

With all the advertising that your prospective student/clients are bombarded with in today’s techno-world, it is important to stay innovative and ensure that your promotional budget is optimized. PIT can help with a full range of products and services that will help you streamline your message to your target audience:

  • HTML-coded and designed mailshots
  • Social media visuals
  • Web design
  • Promotional materials: Pens, bags, water bottles, consumables, umbrellas, etc.
  • Full promotional campaign co-ordination (in Turkey or Canada), accessing media outlets, partners, events, etc., to increase your visibility in the markets, using our contacts and experience to reach promotional venues for your market otherwise not obvious and at lower pricing.
  • Arrange events exclusive to you and your partners, e.g., seminars, presentations, workshops.